The day that has been foretold is finally upon us.


For years now, non-cable-having TV junkies have been shoving fistfuls of cash into HBO's face and begging it to take their money so that they could guiltlessly enjoy all of its wanton decapitations, dangling genitalia and thoughtful social commentary. Because if there's one thing that's gonna ruin your enjoyment of a lingering frontal-nudity close-up, it's the knowledge that you came by this video via less-than-savory means. HBO, however, remained adamant that all of its viewers be either cable subscribers or pitiless Internet brigands.

Until today! HBO has finally caved to the pressure and, as of just a few hours ago, started offering an Internet-streaming service called HBO NOW. At the moment, it's only available on Apple products—iPads, iPhones, AppleTV—but that will probably change one day. Maybe probably. Hopefully maybe probably?

At any rate, here's John Oliver—star of the brilliant HBO news series Last Week Tonight—providing a sort of official-ish announcement on behalf of the station that pays his rent:

And here is a long list of the many, many series—on top of the multitudinous movies, sportball shows and amazing documentaries—that you will be able to start shoving into your eyeholes if you decide to sign up for the service. As a longtime HBO watcher (the subscription comforted me on many a day when I was scrounging change to by a pack of ramen for dinner), I've seen a lot of these, so I've include asterisks indicating my personal recommendations, which you're free to ignore: