"A" for effort, "D" for spelling. (via reddit)

The middle school student who authored this note to his teacher may have a future in politics, because there are congressional representatives who aren't as good at explaining why they deserve the seats they occupy. Not only does he have a natural gift for slinging BS, he's willing to put it in writing.

"Ms. Stouffer" teaches "the younger end of middle school," and when she switched her students' seating around, one of the boys had a problem with it. He claims it's because he didn't like sitting next to Tori because of their pencil cases having the same locks, which wouldn't be a problem if Tori had her own key, which she doesn't. Why that led to him playing the old "I just locked your pencil case" trick isn't explained. Also not addressed is the larger issue that we've reached a point as a society where middle school kids need locks on their pencil cases.

Sources: Reddit