The staff of a historic manor in the UK went above and beyond to cheer up a heartbroken little boy.

Memories to last a lifetime. (Steven Hirschorn via BBC)

Three-year-old Ollie Hirschorn was on a trip with his family to visit Hughenden Manor when the unthinkable happened: he lost his toy lion, Liley. Any parents can tell you that this is a doomsday scenario for a little kid, and this case was no different. According to Ollie's father Steve, he was "devastated."

Fearing this exact instance, Steve had already bought a back-up Liley, but Ollie was too smart for that. He wanted his "good Liley" back. Steve reached out to the staff at Hughenden, who found Liley two days later. Most museums would have just stuck him in a lost-and-found and told the Hirschorns to pick him up in a month or he'd be incinerated, but not these heroes. They decided to send Liley home in style. As conservation assistant Charlotte Russell said:

Sources: BBC | Metro