When Pizza Hut announced that it was bringing its Hot Dog Bites Pizza to America, I knew I had to try it.

The pizza has 28 cocktail franks stuffed into the crust. It serves 4—or maybe 10, there's no real way of measuring.

(via Pizza Hut)

Yesterday—a day before its official release—comedian Adam Maid and I ate and conquered the Hot Dog Bites Pizza. Or maybe it conquered us. I've been sitting here for the past 3 hours trying to write this review, and I'm so tired that I've only written six sentences, including this one.

New York may be home to 50,000 restaurants, but there is only one single Pizza Hut in Manhattan serving up the hot dog pizza. It's in Times Square, and it's a combination Pizza Hut-KFC-Nathan's-Tim Horton's. There is, frankly, no better place to eat a pizza made of hot dogs than a Pizza Hut made of four other restaurants. Here we go: