At Camp No Counselors, you can relive your treasured childhood memories, just like you do the rest of the year.

Southwoods Camp, a summer camp destination for children, plays host to Camp No Counselors, a pre-season adult summer camp weekend. TimeOut New York sent a reporter to cover the three-day Freudian festival of regression.

You can still get drunk during the day, wear the same clothes as everyone else, and be surrounded by total strangers. But this weekend, it'll be in the woods. (via Camp No Counselors)

Camp No Counselors begins like any other NYC-based getaway, with a four-hour booze cruise. Like a Saturday evening Long Island Railroad train, the passengers pound beers and Jell-O shots on a transit bus headed to Paradox, NY. Get to know your fellow campers, but don't ask what they do for a living! It's a rule at Camp No Counselors that you aren't allowed to start a conversation with "What do you do?" Discussing your career is something adults bond over. Yuck!

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