Still seems like a long con. Nothing makes you want water like a peanut...and vice versa.
(via redditor caryy)

Summer music festivals are awesome, except for all the ways in which they suck. One of the primary ways in which they suck is the use of a primary beverage sponsor who is the only company allowed to sell liquid refreshment to the humans at the festival. In this case, the festival was Portland, OR's Musicfest NW, and the exclusive drink monopoly was given to the Dutch beer company Heineken—something that perplexed locals who are fiercely proud of the local brewery scene. You're not allowed to bring water in (to be fair, water looks a lot like vodka), and the vendors only sell food, and Oregon did experience temperatures of 90 degrees this weekend. 

Sources: redditor timtankard | redditor caryy