And I still laugh.

Cats are the weirdest about food. There's all sorts of stuff you aren't supposed to feed them, like avocados, but damn if my mom's cat doesn't love avocados! Guard your guac when he's around. A spoonful of ice cream is probably relatively safe, now and then, since it's mostly fatty cream and some sugar. Don't give your cat diabetes, of course, but as a special treat it won't hurt them.

EXCEPT FOR BRAIN FREEZE. We can all see ourselves in this furry gelato lover, gulping down something cold and refreshing, then riding the cresting wave of that particular icy headache. We all probably emit a Chewbacca growl, too. The only way out is through, and since this little guy goes back for more immediately, it was obviously worth the journey.

Sources: Napo TV | h/t Jezebel