How often do you think people had this very nightmare back in the '80s?

Remember way back when Super Bowl ads were ads that played during the Super Bowl? Super Bowl ads that were released a full week before the Super Bowl used to just be called ads. Anyway, such subtle distinctions seem annoyingly archaic in this modern YouTube utopia, and quarrelsome cranks who complain about it on blogs should probably just shut up and get on with the point of the post.

Speaking of which, what appears to be the first Super Bowl ad of year has just been released, and its already a frontrunner for cleverest idea. Imagine if the Bud Light ad team selected a random dude from some nondescript L.A. bar and made him the avatar in their life-size, real world version of the classic '80s-era arcade game Pacman. As cool as that sounds in your head, it's even cooler in reality:

Sources: Bud Light | h/t Uproxx