Advertising're training to be a rich guy's wife...what a great mission.

It's 2014, so little girls can grow up to be anyone they want's wife. At least, that's the message that D.C. Comics and Walmart are teaming up to bring the nation's female youth with this junior t-shirt. Yes, that's correct, it is officially-licensed D.C. gear, so you can't even blame this solely on Walmart. The people who are supposed to be bringing tales of outsiders who become superheroes fighting for justice also signed off on this retro-in-more-ways-than-one tee. Maybe with the 30 seconds they put into thinking up this slogan, they could have invented a female superhero whose costume uses as much fabric as this shirt (ok, the new Batgirl is pretty good, but maybe they can put a full minute in and give this new girl a name that isn't a diminutive female version of an existing dude).

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