It's a bird! It's a plane! It's another show a bunch of nerds will complain that the director didn't get right.

Melissa Benoist can't wait to hear the complaints from the perpetually un-pleasable mob of geeks. (image via Getty)

In the same week we saw SNL parody what a female superhero movie made by Hollywood would probably look like, and the same week we read a Marvel executive explain why female superhero entertainment sucks, CBS had the gall to officially greenlight Supergirl, a TV show that will be great but please no one.

Melissa Benoist, an actress from Glee (where a group of misfit students find out their shared superpower is harmony), will play the title role of Supergirl. It is a role, much like hosting the Oscars, that is great and terrible for a person's career in entertainment. On the one hand, people will definitely tune in. On the other, everyone is ready to play monday morning quarterback (if you're a geek reading this, that's sports-talk for the meanest redditor on the r/scifi subreddit).

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