Vine star Amanda Cerny made this video showing how women's beach fashion has changed since the 1890s.

As much as we may think of them as universal today, bikinis are a relatively recent phenomenon. Back in the Gilded Age of the 1890s, bathing suits were very conservative and looked more like formalwear. The idea of a two-piece bathing suit would have scandalized people of that era. Thankfully, the world became more enlightened over time. Today, women can show all the skin they want without being body shamed. Just kidding, that happens constantly.

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Vine star Amanda Cerny made this video to show how far we've come in swimsuit design, but also to highlight flattering styles that we've lost. Some of these are due for a comeback, especially the really early ones. I can't believe there aren't hipsters at the beach in old-timey bathing costumes already.

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