- Today our office will be overrun by smaller and even whinier versions of ourselves

Whinier? Fat chance.

Kids are awful. Work is awful. Why not combine the two to create a hellish mash-up that everyone involved is sure to hate? People with children are forced to spend more time with their crummy kids, people without children are forced to tolerate other people's crummy kids, and crummy kids are forced to sit around a boring office with a bunch of tortured soulless husks. To help ease the tension, we've collected 19 inappropriate things for Take Your Kids to Work Day. Share your misery on Facebook and Twitter, but please, keep them away from the children. They've got enough to deal after seeing the miserable future that's most likely headed their way.

Advertising - Taking my kid to work will only further reinforce my fear that I can be easily replaced by a six year old.

Don't sell yourself short, you'll probably be replaced by a 16 year-old... in Bangalore. - I'd be happy to teach your kids the nuances of mindless Web browsing and cruel office gossip

Office skills for the career-oriented child. - I would take my kids to work if I knew which ones were mine.

Good way to let someone know you may already be a great deadbeat dad. - Taking your kids to work is a great way to combine the two most annoying things in your life

It's called synergy! - I think Take Your Children to Work Day is the perfect opportunity to use my toddler to make my boss feel guilty about possibly laying me off.

Little jerk might as well start earning his keep. - Today's an important opportunity for children to learn how to desperately cling to jobs they despise

"Kids, don't interrupt Daddy when he's in his crying place." - Let's bring our children to work so we have a good reason to achieve nothing all day.

Usually we bring work home so we have an excuse to avoid nothing. - I'm glad I don't work in a Catholic church on Take Your Children to Work Day

Or any other day, really. - May your children hate your job as much as you do.

Give your kids a reason to be disappointed in you for a change. - I'm bringing my kids to work so they can see why I'm such a bitch when I get home.

Let everyone know you're just as insufferable at home as you are at work. - I wish you were less excited about me bringing my daughter to work

Great way to let the creepiest guy in the office know he's the creepiest guy in the office.