17 awesome tattoos that should last longer than forever.

17 awesome tattoos that should last longer than forever.


This is what happens when a tattoo artist gets a tattoo. (Via)

Not all tattoos are created equal. Some people go on a drinking binge and wake up with a goat on their calf and they can't explain why, and then there are people who go and do something really special. They elevate the ink to something that actually resembles art. Maybe it's a really intricate optical illusion, or maybe it's a punchline for a physical flaw, but these tattoos are so awesome they've actually escaped the trap of everyone assuming you've made a huge mistake.


Thor's next film will be seen only in black light. (Via)


He's not losing a leg, he's gaining a face. (Via)


Yeah, well, stumpy never gets any mosquito bites. (Via)


Warning: does not work as well for liquid. (Via)



A winged man emerges from the shadows. (Via)


No better way to remind people you were born deaf in your right ear. (Via)


You gotta keep the neighborhood kids busy somehow. (Via)


Or you could just fake it. (Via)



Or you could be even more direct. (Via)


This warrior is afoot. (Via)


Sometimes working out will give you too much definition. (Via)



I ink, therefore I yam what I yam. (Via)


If you renumber this you get a ham sandwich. (Via)


Fun project for your next crafting circle! (Via)


At least this person doesn't have "wee wee wee" on their foot. (Via)



Pretty good excuse to trick someone into licking your creamy center. (Via)

(by Myka Fox)