Heartbroken people who had to cover up a tattoo of an ex after a breakup.

Heartbroken people who had to cover up a tattoo of an ex after a breakup.


Jessi has nothing on Batman. (via)

Love is forever, except when it's not. When the tears fade and the deep emotional wounds start to heal, you may find yourself with an unfortunately permanent reminder of the person you thought you'd want a permanent reminder of. If that happens, consider covering up your romantic tattoo with a much less romantic skull face. Or curse word. Or really, anything, because the most hideous tattoo in the world is better than having the name of someone you now hate emblazoned on your chest. We promised we wouldn't say, "We told you so," so we'll just say, "You're stupid and you got what you deserve."


A tattoo to show the void she left in your heart. (via)

This feather definitely looks better than the name "Dando." (via)


When you can't take the wedding band off. (via)

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Andy crossed out the tat of her name and added "I Deserve That." (via)



Looks like Jeffrey got caught in the wrong honeypot. (via)

//cdn.someecards.com/someecards/filestorage/dgjxX9gfAnblacked out.png

Subtlety has no place in a breakup. (via)


Every girl gets a font. (via)



Shame she had him when he was a gross caterpillar. (via)


I assume she means the hockey player. And she's right.


No reason a strong independent woman can't have a tattoo of her own name. (via)


It's ironic because Gary never bought her flowers. (via)



A classic from the wrist of Katie Price. (via)

This is the modern day version of "It's better to have loved and lost..."


It's always reassuring when an ex's looks fade after a breakup. (via)


Not so much a coverup as an invitation to ask him about the worst relationship he's ever had. (Via)


Dick, short for Dicholas.


All tattoos eventually return to dust. (via)


We'd all like to do this to certain parts of our exes' bodies. (via)


She's a great singer who broke his heart. (via)



With a tattoo this awesome, their abusive relationship was worth it! (via)


Now she has to think about a butterfly all the time, though. (via)


Sometimes people get tattoos of arcangel boyfriends' names. It's always a mistake. (via)


Jane hated black and white swirls. (via)


They broke up because she kept shaving patches of his body. (via)


This way he and Cindy could still get back together! (via)



Yikes! Daisy got off easy. (via)


It would be so awkward if she broke up with her mom now. (via)


What a relief to cover that unsightly heart with two unsightly roses! (via)


Tramp stamp restored to its single gal glory. (via)


Janine took everything back but the tattoo of her name. (via)


0% Tony. (via)



There's only so much you can do for someone with a neck tattoo. (via)


Bonus: birds did not feature prominently in their relationship. (via)