Now they're all "the ugly one."

The passage of time eventually tends to make most tattoos regrettable. But at least there's always the chance your full sleeve of tribal nonsense will be in style again at some point. These people chose to pay permanent homage to musicians who stopped being relevant before the ink even dried. Here are 15 painful reminders of bands who aren't obscure in a hip, "you've probably never heard of them" way, but more in a "you've probably seen them working at Home Depot" way.



Unfortunately it's hard to do either of those things when you've given yourself one of the dumbest tattoos in history.


When you're hiding from evil motorcyclists in a black-and-white fantasy world, this splash of color is a dangerous giveaway.


If you have a Gin Blossoms tattoo, you'd better hope your friends never "Find Out About You."


"Can you take me higher? My appointment with the cosmetic surgeon is on the eighth floor."


Yes she got a Winger tattoo, but give her a break. She's only seventeen.


At this point, it's less embarrassing to tell people you mean the Willy Wonka character.


This tattoo took longer to complete than any song lyrics Fred Durst has ever written.


"I want it to look like it was done by the whitest graffiti artist ever."