She could probably do a sick dragon tatt, but she's squandering her life helping people. (screenshot via YouTube)

The phrase "facial tattoo" probably conjures images of either someone who's permanently unemployable or Mike Tyson (who should be permanently unemployable), but not so fast! Basma Hameed, a cosmetic para-medical tattoo artist, gives tattoos to burn victims and anyone else who's lost pigment to help them get back to where they were before the trauma.

You may be thinking, "Hey, neat." (Or not, I don't know you.) BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE.

The reason Hameed underwent special training to give tattoos that are designed to go unnoticed is because she needed one herself. Hameed was badly burned when she was a little girl, and while over 100 excruciating procedures corrected much of the damage, she was still left with residual scars. She did the only thing she could and took a tattoo gun to her face (and you thought you were brave for giving yourself bangs). The before and after speaks for itself:

Sources: Trini Lulz | CBC News