The most logical breasts in the universe.

What better way to say to your parents and friends, "No, this isn't a phase. I care more about this computer/sci-fi saga/video game than I do unblemished skin or gainful employment. And that's going to be the case until the day I'm not allowed to be buried in a Jewish cemetery." Given how obsessed most nerds can get, and how the stuff they get obsessed about usually has really cool graphics, these tattoos make way more sense than someone getting a heart with "Mother" written on it. After all, our computers replaced the need for mothers a long time ago. Here are our 40 favorite examples of jaw-droppingly nerdy ink.



Feel the strength of the signal right in your face!


The good news is the tattoo came out great. The bad news is Microsoft pulled the Zune off the market before the ink dried.


It says, "I'm not busy this Saturday night most likely."


No one could make a lady drop her dress like Pythagoras.


Someone's ankle wishes it could just reboot and start all over again.


This just made us want to finally take the plunge and get that Compaq tattoo.


Error, tattoo missing.


Reverse tattoo she got. Likes to have people stare at her clavicle confusedly she does.


How many drafts did they go throught to make sure the silhouette looked like Joel and not Mike.

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