"So, what does a blind man's tattoo look like? Hey! That's not nice." (via redditor shirokumoh)

Redditor Shirokumoh, who posted this album, has two friends (and presumably more, but that's not important right now): Nick and Ken. Nick has been blind since childhood, and Ken is a tattoo artist. They are close friends (although not as close as Nick and his dog Bane), and so Ken decided to give Nick the kind of opportunity rarely afforded to the blind: the opportunity to draw something that will never, ever go away on another person's skin. Needless to say, Nick took this opportunity to teach people that the blind are not that different from the sighted: they're both not that good at making tattoos, and they can both be really immature. Let's all give Nick a hand for raising awareness about blind people's middle-school sense of humor.

Sources: redditor Shirokumoh