Sorry, ladies, he's married.

המקום - אוניברסיטה ידועה בירושלים.הקורס - התנהגות ארגונית.המרצה - ד"ר סידני אנגלברג. הארוע - בנה התינוק של אחת הסטודנ...

Posted by Sarit Fishbaine on Sunday, May 10, 2015

Hey, even people with children want to get an education. In fact, many, many, many people with children want and deserve an education, but childcare can be difficult and expensive to arrange alongside the difficulty and expense of school. In lecturer Sydney Engelberg's classroom, a few of these hurdles are crossed by the fact that women with children are welcome to bring their kids. That in itself is incredible, but this guy really went above and beyond the call of duty when he helped a stressed out mom.

Sources: justagreatdude | h/t BuzzFeed