Madeline Luciano lost her job at a New York City school after her cruel assignment made a student cry.

Artist's impression. (stock photo)

When I was in school, I had to do some dumb assignments. Pointless dittos, word searches, SATs… but none of them were as stupid, not to mention inappropriate, as this one. Not even the time my French teacher made us line up and smell my classmate's hair (not making that up). At least she didn't cry.

Madeline Luciano is a former eighth-grade teacher who worked at P.S. 18 in Inwood, Manhattan. Her troubles started the day one of her students returned to class from dropping off paperwork at the principal's office. Upon reentering the classroom, she found that her bookbag was missing. She and Luciano eventually found the bag, its contents pulled out and damaged. Luciano asked the students what had happened, and they started explaining how much they disliked the girl, calling her "annoying" and "stupid." Up to this point, this could be an ordinary story of kids and their cruel bullying. The next part is where it gets crazy.

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