Take a moment to look at Maxwell Barrett's completely perfect senior yearbook quote.

The other quotes don't stand a chance against this gem. (via Twitter)

How great is that?! I want to high five him through the Internet, then again in person, then again metaphorically by writing this article. It's thoughtful, funny teenagers like Maxwell Barrett that make me hopeful for the future generation and less afraid of teenagers as a species. The class of 2015 have been making some serious waves with their witty yearbook quotes, and this one is certainly a top contender.

If you take a look at Maxwell's Twitter feed, you'll see that his quote has been covered by a ton of news outlets, and he's receiving a huge outcry of support. He told Today, "I am in awe... I cannot express how amazing it is to see the amount of support I am being given and the love that has been shown towards me. I cannot wrap my head around the fact that people from all different backgrounds are being inspired by my story."

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