This superfan rushed the stage to terrify Adam Levine with an embrace, and he handled it surprisingly well.

@AdamLevine handles that like a pro! Thanks @leximendieta for finding!! #AdamLevine #stayoffstageidiot #thisisntthevoice #hopeyouenjoyedthecarpark
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Yes, a young woman did what we have all dreamed of doing: going for it. It also shows why "going for it" is a terrible idea in the middle of a concert and no celebrity will ever be happy that you "went for it." She looks so stunned as Adam Levine rejects her! They both realize they're in front of thousands of people and then Adam rescues them both, hypnotizing her with those baby blues. He demonstrates a slightly more appropriate gesture. Still pretty inappropriate for the situation, but better.

Sources: h/t BuzzFeed