When you fall off the plane, you've just got to get back on the saddle. (via Facebook)

Teenagers, as we all know, believe they are invincible. Oftentimes, this ends in tragedy due to their recklessness, but don't tell any of them about 16-year-old Makenzie Wethington, because she may actually be indestructible. Always a daredevil, Makenzie convinced her family to go to Oklahoma for a weekend skydiving trip, because Oklahoma allows minors to participate in skydiving with their parents' permission. The important thing you need to know is that Makenzie went on a solo jump (more on that later), tangled her parachute and blacked out before being able to deploy a backup parachute, and fell almost 3500 feet to the ground before hitting the grass. She broke her back and her pelvis, injured her liver and damaged some teeth. Which is pretty great, considering she should have been very dead.

Sources: KERA News | Makenzie's Update/Prayer Page