This is the most introspective selfie I've ever seen. Don't worry, kid. You'll figure it out.

Most people just buy stupid stuff on Amazon when they are black-out drunk, but as he found out after waking up in a bathroom in Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris after a night he didn't remember, Luke Harding is more of an "experience purchaser" when he's wasted. Luke is from Oldham, an industrial town that's part of Greater Manchester in northern England. Luke enjoys going "tokes" (at first I thought he had gotten really high, but it's just a nickname for the Tokyo Project nightclub). Like many teens, Luke is also prone to impulsive decisions, like wanting to eat 2 pounds of gyro meat at 4am, or suddenly telling the very surprised taxi driver who was driving him home to turn around and go straight to the airport while he bought a $160 last-minute plane ticket on his phone at 5am because he wanted to see the Eiffel Tower:

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