A reporter asked Mark Ruffalo questions about his body, underwear and slimming routines to make everyone uncomfortable.

The press tour for The Avengers has been kind of a train wreck this week, which was disappointing after a strong start with that drunk family feud bit everyone loved. First, there was Robert Downey Jr. getting asked bizarre irrelevant questions about prison and drug use (completely on the reporter). Then we had Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner sh*tting the bed and calling Scarlett Johansson's character Black Widow a whore during one of their interviews.

This round of weird interview questions is courtesy of Cosmopolitan, who claim they were trying to flip the script and make a man answer the sort of questions female actors get from the press all the time. What results is six minutes of pretty boring answers to boring questions from Scarlett Johannson, interspersed with Mark Ruffalo not knowing how to talk about how he got his body in shape for his Hulk panties. He keeps throwing desperate looks to Scarlett that scream, "Is this really happening?" and she tries to coach him through it. She's an expert at this point.

Sources: Cosmopolitan UK | h/t The Daily Dot