5 things I learned about making women love me from this week's "Bachelorette."

5 things I learned about making women love me from this week's "Bachelorette."

My name is Nathan, and I'm bad at love.

So I'm turning to the 11th season of The Bachelorette for help. Week 3 of dating is all about showing how serious you are. That is why Kaitlyn chose a sumo wrestling group date and a sex education group date. Here are the key lessons I learned to advance my own romantic connections:

1. Don't hate on her date ideas.


Kaitlyn likes fun and adventurous dates. But America's favorite “Healer," Tony, has had enough with all the aggression and just wants peaceful dates like skydiving, imitating animals at the zoo, or staring at each other for hours in silence. Saying no to what your date is interested in is not the way to win her hand in marriage. It's just a one-way ticket out of the relationship. Tony. I miss you already.

2. Do tell her you have fallen for her.


You have been dating for three whole weeks. It's time to tell her that you have fallen for her quick and hard. You must also mention this has never happened to you before. The way to move forward in this relationship is to tell her how you “feel." It's OK if you don't mean it, but it's vital that you say these exact words. This is how Shawn wins the group date rose and moves one step closer to true love. I've been practicing this speech nonstop since seeing how well it worked.


3. Do protect her from nature's most terrifying predators.


Fend off life-threatening pigeons. Get rose.

4. Do know how sex works.


Before getting intimate with anyone, Kaitlyn wanted to find out how much the men knew about sex. The best way to do this was to have them teach sex education to a group of very young students. Prank alert! These are actually child actors that have been given prepared questions by adults. Sweet prank! Most of the men stumbled through their lessons uncomfortably, but Ben H. understands that sex is about finding an emotional connection, falling in love, and then introducing his sperm to her egg. How romantic! Now I know what to talk about during my next date.


5. Don't let your bromance get in the way.


Clint was leading the pack until his newfound love of JJ took his focus away from winning Kaitlyn's heart. All he had to do was continue to act like he was interested, tell her he had fallen for her quick and hard, and get down on one knee. But the bromance took over, and Clint felt being a villainous duo with JJ was more important than getting engaged to Kaitlyn. Big mistake. Nothing is more important than winning love and getting engaged. He tried to mount a comeback, but it was too late. The damage was done, and a valuable lesson was learned: the person you are dating ALWAYS comes first.