I guess it's confusing, considering those links go to real articles about how the government
is paying porn companies to hire unemployed folks for no pay.

So, the Twitter feed for the UK's Department of Work and Pensions, which manages what we call the "entitlement" programs (welfare, employment programs, child poverty aid, & pensions), got into a fight with "UK Job Centre Plus" (@UKJCP), a parody Twitter feed devoted to crapping all over the DWP's program of making unemployed people work unpaid jobs in order to get a weekly stipend.

Now, if you work for a government agency, and you think a parody Twitter account might confuse people because it makes your agency look like a heartless, hateful bureaucracy that exists to demean poor people while forcing them to work for no pay, the problem is not with the parody Twitter account. (An account that says in its description that it's a parody account). To be way too fair, that tweet at top is a bit more "realistic" than the stuff UK Job Centre Plus used to post:

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