Don't want to tell anyone how to live, but this just seems like too many flying, stinging insects to lock in with you while you're driving!

I've counted over a hundred already. (via Montana Highway Patrol)

The Montana Highway Patrol received a dispatch that someone was driving wildly all over the road. The driver was located and pulled over and the reason he may have been distracted was discovered. No, he wasn't texting or doing his hair in the rearview mirror. He was transporting five honeybee hives, each containing thousands of bees.

Does this cardboard M&M's box look regulation? (via Montana Highway Patrol)

The man claimed they were "Russian Honeybees" and totally harmless. A state apiarist was called and they informed the troopers that though it's very unsafe, it's not technically illegal to drive through Montana with a car full of bees. Open container laws apply only to alcohol.

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