Like he wasn't being divisive enough, now Jerry Seinfeld is the reason we won't be able to eye-grind Hugh Jackman in upcoming Marvel movies.

"Hey, what's the deal with you playing Wolverine?" (via Getty)

Jerry Seinfeld is getting on my last nerve. I realize the reason he is in the news so much lately is because every unedited episode of Seinfeld will soon be available on Hulu, and he wants to stir the pot. But it's finally too much.

First, he talked a lot about how "PC culture" is ruining college campuses for struggling standup circuit comics, such as his humble self. So brave of a rich white man to come forward and say he's tired of hearing about racism and sexism. Then it turns out he really, really, really never has to work another day in his life telling jokes in a hostile auditorium, because he was making $13,000 for every line of dialogue in the last season of his syndicated show. That doesn't include royalties.

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