Tina Fey wanted Dave to know how much work it is to look TV ready in a form-fitting dress and why she's never doing it again.

It's so hard to disassociate Tina Fey from Liz Lemon, who was usually dressed for comfort, not for speed. It's like you're looking at the beloved 30 Rock character and hearing her voice, but in an alternate universe where Jack might actually hit on her.

Well, she doesn't enjoy the get-up either. Last night she had her twentieth and final visit to The Late Show with David Letterman and admitted she only gets dressed up out of respect to Dave. She could give a crap what Jimmy Kimmel and James Corden think. No more conforming to gender expectations! Since it was the last dress, Fey decided to give it to Dave, as a memento.

Sources: The Late Show with David Letterman