How will she make it under that limbo stick?

As all commuters are well aware, "Traffic" is fierce and powerful deity who from time to time choses to smite His people to entertain Himself, just as he did over the weekend to several thousand wretched commuters on the Schuylkill Expressway outside of Philadelphia. It is often thought that when this happens, there is naught to do but sit patiently in your car and await Traffic to take His vengeance elsewhere.

This is not the full truth. Should you happen to have a steel band—such as the Trinidad North Steel Drum Band & Company—at your disposal, as these commuters did, then you may bid them to leave the confines of their van to play joyous calypso music, such that the commuters may satiate the angry god Traffic with their blithe and soulful limbo dance moves. 

Sources: Justin Berk | h/t Uproxx