"Dim sum can stay. I like dim sum."

How cosmopolitan! A German tourist filmed this NSFW video of a San Francisco tour guide going on an f-word-laden rant about Chinatown. Apparently, it was her last day, and this woman—not yet identified—just couldn't hold back her outrageously racist thoughts about Chinatown anymore. 

If you actually break it down, she's really just listing things that are in Chinatown: stores selling jade, crowded sidewalks, knock-off purses, parades with dragons, markets, hair salons where people don't speak English (presumably they speak...Mandarin?), ginseng (Oh good! Finally, someone willing to take on ginseng!), etc., and then putting "f*ck" in front of them. Remove the "f*ck" and you'd have a pretty good advertisement for a fun cultural experience.

Sources: CW O on YouTube | h/t Gawker