Tom Bleasby's "Flashlight" duet with Jessie J went viral and now record companies are calling him.

This is what a record deal looks like in the modern world. (via Facebook)

The flash of fame that comes with viral videos usually does not last. Unless that fame becomes a contract written in ink (preferably Sharpie) from the owner of a record company. On May 23rd, English teen Tom Bleasby of Leeds uploaded a video to Facebook of his incredible online duet with pop star Jessie J, performing her hit song "Flashlight." The video now has over 7 million views, probably because this teenager's voice is that of an angel.

Bleasby told the BBC about his life since posting the video: "The past week has been crazy. My phone does not stop going off. The overwhelming outpour of support has been inspiring, thousands of messages from complete strangers telling me how amazed they were."

Sources: BBC | Facebook