'Screen Junkies' host Nick Mundy has interviewed The Rock several times, but this time, The Rock had a question: "Do you take Dilara to be your wife?"

Every little girl dreams of having The Scorpion King tower over her on her wedding day.
(via YouTube)

Nick Mundy is one of the hosts of Screen Junkies, and over the course of several interviews with The Rock, the two men have developed what several people insist on calling a "bromance," aka a "man-2-man friendship" aka "a friendship." Recently, Nick thought he was supposed to interview The Rock again, only to be disappointed when he was told that the interview would be canceled. But that was all a RUSE (note: the word "RUSE" must be typed in all capital letters to imply the tone of a 1920s villain), because The Rock was in on a plan to surprise-marry Nick and his fiancé, Dilara.

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