Stephen Hawking lends his distinctive voice to the classic Monty Python "Galaxy Song."

Whenever I'm feeling worked up over something trivial, I like to remind myself I'm just a star fart. Just particles of cosmic dust, flying through the universe too quickly to see, burning out bright and fast.

Monty Python wrote a song about those feelings of insignificance combined with reverent wonder for their 1983 classic The Meaning of Life. Now they have the incredible Stephen Hawking doing a cover. If there's anyone who has some perspective on a human being's place in the universe, it's this guy.

The music video shows Hawking's chair zooming through our expanding world cut up with footage from Monty Python's live show, then and now. The fleeting nature of life makes the meaningless of it truly precious. Star farts.

Sources: Monty Python | h/t The AV Club