Personal finance website nerdwallet conducted a study on the gender wage gap and found a few cities that buck the trend.

Part of the problem is that we pay people based on their arm wrestling skills. (stock photo)

According to the number crunchers at, women in the U.S. still make 79% of what men make – an average loss of about $10,000/year. That's a disgraceful figure in 2015, and one that is only slowly changing. In 2005, it was 76.6%

However, certain parts of the country are leading the charge. Nerdwallet's report also found 22 cities in the U.S. where women earn more than men on average, as much as 120%. Maybe this trend will continue until men make more in half the cities, and women make more in the other half, and then those cities can be divided into leagues which will compete at regular intervals in field day sporting events like sack races and tug of war. Anyway, that's just a thought.

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