Sure. "Looked like."

Please read this breakup letter on Thought Catalog, written by some guy who left his wife and kids for a "millennial." Not only is it embarrassing six ways to Sunday, but it's got a fun twist.

"To The Millennial I Left My Wife For (And 8 Parting Words Of Advice)" is a breakup letter, but it's not written to the woman who bore the author's children and raised them with him until he decided he wanted to fuck his intern. We can assume he posted that letter on Babble or iVillage. This breakup letter is addressed to the millennial he left her for, with whom it's apparently already splitsville. The letter summarizes their scandalous relationship, everything that brought them together and broke them apart, and ultimately concludes with some worldly advice for the millennial home-wrecker—gleaned from his "30-something" years of living ridiculously—as they go their separate ways. Except here's the fun part: she dumped his ass.

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