From sharing gory dental surgery (thanks, Miley) to E.T. rocking the stage at an Usher show, here's what you might've missed this week from celebrity Instagrams.

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1. Usher on Stage With E.T.

For reasons I do not know, Usher picked up a life-size, life-like model of E.T. somewhere on his recent URX tour. Since then, the alien has been popping up all over his Instagram, doing things like drinking, playing the trumpet, and reenacting the classic E.T. bicycle escape scene, but on a gold-trimmed Segway. Usher, please never explain any of this. It's better that way.

Babies are like tiny zombies, right? (Image via Norman Reedus on Instagram)

2. Norman Reedus from "The Walking Dead" supports breastfeeding at HorrorHound Weekend.

Or, at the very least, he supports breasts. According an interview with the woman on the right, Tammie Hamed, "Norman was taking all of his pictures with the plastic 'boob'. He laughed about all the boobs and babies. We casually mentioned that it didn't bother us because we nurse. He thought that was awesome and we offered to take a nursing pic with him!"