Man arrested after failing to put the toilet seat down.

Man arrested after failing to put the toilet seat down.


If she can't sit, you must convict. (Via Cass County)

Thaddeus Morgan, 24, lives with his sister in Fargo, N.D., where he and his sister share a bathroom. They were peacefully co-existing until, one day, he did the unthinkable. He left the seat up.

Dunh, dunh, dunnnnnnnnh.

HIs sister went to the bathroom, found the bowl shimmering with inconvenience, and started a fight with her brother. That's when he lost it. 

According to WDAY, "Morgan pushed and hit her, then tried to stop her from making a 911 call."

Pushing and hitting over the toilet seat... good thing she didn't put the toilet paper on the wrong way. 

Asst. State's Attorney Leah Viste told WDAY, "It does appear that it was a simply a sibling fight that got out of control, yeah."

Morgan plead guilty to charges of simple assault and interference with telephone during emergency call. He was sentenced to one year supervised probation, and anger management training.

It didn't have to be like this.


It has already been scientifically proven that it makes more sense to leave the toilet seat down when sharing it with women. Both genders use it in the down position, but only men ever need it up. 

Science, dude. Now start putting the toilet seat back down or learn to just leave it down and pee with better aim. 

And don't hit your sister, douchebag.

(by Myka Fox)