For a good time, take a look at all of this bathroom graffiti.

Butt Brothers 4EVA (via)

Forget the public stalls, here's a bunch of bathroom graffiti you can read on your phone while taking a poop at home.

Some people may find bathroom graffiti to be nothing more than crass vandalism, but I see it as artistic expression uniting common men and women over the one experience all of humanity shares: sitting in a disgusting public bathroom.

Is the art less noble because it bears witness to the excretion of waste? Or is it less noble because it is often sexist, racist, homophobic, and usually just a crude drawing of a dick? Ok, maybe those are less noble, but amongst the trash, there are treasures.


So, sit down on your toilet, check out these hidden gems and, please, don't strain.

Hasta la Pee-sta, baby. (via)

Confucius was here. (via)


But once she gets home, you know what she's going to do. (via)

Aughhh so close. (via)

Sometimes the best lines get cut from speeches. (via)

Tell the people waiting for the bathroom that I'm having a moment. (via)


This ghost that died in a bathroom clearly had unfinished business. (via)

Giraffe-iti. (via)


He means the bathroom. (via)

Mind. Blown. (via)

Spaceballs. Feel free to add your own in the comments section. (via)