5 1/2 foot boa constrictor slithers out of San Diego toilet, into your nightmares.

5 1/2 foot boa constrictor slithers out of San Diego toilet, into your nightmares.

The Andy Dufresne of snakes. (via SD Animal Services)

Forget what you are supposed to be worried about today; a snake could be coming out of your toilet.

Downtown San Diego PR exec Stephanie Lasca went to the bathroom (she did not say why) and noticed the water levels were abnormally high. She went to plunge the toilet—way to be an executive of the people—and plunged up a five and a half foot toilet snake.

Dear god, what did she eat?

She tells KTLA 5, "As it came out I noticed a flicker of a tongue."

Nice move, toilet snake. I'm totally going to try that the next time someone walks in on me in the bathroom.


If I found this behind my toilet, it had better be a snake. (via KTLA 5)

The snake climbed out of the john and hid behind it on the ground, so Lasca slammed the door on it to let it have its privacy.


Animal control came in to remove the reptile, and reported that it was a Colombian Rainbow Boa, and that it was "grouchy" enough to bite one of the handlers, which is to be expected of any animal that has just pulled a Shawshank Redemption.


The best way to get a snake to bite you is to stretch it out for the camera.
(via SD Animal Services)

KTLA 5 reports that, according to the PR company's PR release, it is "not completely unusual" for animals to enter plumbing systems, especially in rural areas or in old buildings with stone foundations.


So, think about that every time you sit on the toilet for the rest of your life.

Or, recognize the source. Pretty nice PR release, Vertical Marketing and PR. Don't be surprised if next year this company has a rat king in their ventilation system.