John Stamos gave the exclusive to Jimmy Kimmel that America's favorite family is returning.

The day we've all feared/hoped for has arrived. Netflix just signed off on 13 episodes of a Full House spin-off titled Fuller House. John Stamos announced this exclusive tidbit on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and the crowd went wild.

The nostalgia train has left the station and you better be on board, because it's not slowing down any time soon. This show will be following DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy, who are all grown up now and chasing their dreams. In this version, DJ is the mom with 3 sons. No mention of a Papa, so I guess her husband is dead? Would a spin-off of Full House dare to have a divorcée as the lead? The show was sickeningly wholesome, but also highly addictive. I don't remember enjoying a single moment, yet I've seen every episode.

Sources: Jimmy Kimmel Live | h/t BuzzFeed