Medical students should hang up this photo as an anatomy diagram.

Bartosz Huzarski may have finished in 68th place in the Tour de France, but he's in first place when it comes to horrifying Frankenlegs that will make anyone think twice about working out too much. He posted this photo on Friday following the 18th stage of the world-famous bicycle race. The 18th stage is an uphill one, and thus a lot more brutal on the riders. Huzarski's legs were swollen from the exercise, resulting in... this. A translation of his Facebook post said that he would have to "squeeze" some more strength out of them for the past 3 days, but "Phew, I can tell you that we have downhill [next]." I think we're all relieved to hear that this won't be happening again soon. Predictably, the image caused accusations of doping from strangers on the Internet, but most people who are familiar with how exercise works (in other words, not most people on the Internet) agree with that this is the sad reality of being in shape. Huzarski had this to say in his defense: