"Day 23: Eiffel Tower successfully photographed. Still no feelings."

Vitaly Zelkovsky gets around. He loves going to European tourist destinations and publishing his photos on the Russian version of Facebook. Or, at least, we think he loves it since he does it all the time. It's hard to actually tell since his stoic Slavic facade never cracks once during his journeys - and frankly, his journeys look really cool. We're jealous and baffled at how unfazed he is by cool buildings. We honestly don't know if this is his joke or he legitimately never learned that one is supposed to smile for the camera. In any case, here's Vitaly in front of sights that would make us make all kinds of faces:

"Day 4: London. Exactly as thrilling as I always imagined."

"Day 10: In Barcelona wearing my London shirt. Hilarious. Church not finished yet."

"Day 15: Milan cathedral. I feel a space where inspiration and awe should be."

"Day 19: House of the Blackheads in Riga. Head is wetter than usual."

"Day 30: Back in St. Petersburg. Still have hilarious shirt. Room has many decorations."


"Day 31: I have seen Europe and come home. Church of the Savior still makes me smile."

Sources: Vitaly Zelkovsky