ALL YOUR FAVORITE BOYS, THEY'RE BACK: Vinny. Drama. Johnny Lawyer. T-Rex. Skip. Vic. Pac Sun. Mikey Orlando. J Mascis. Alejandro. Black Ben. Tugg. Tucker. The Other Eric. Keith. Scooter Libby. Daps. Muppet. SoCal Prokofiev. Electric Mitch. Electric Blair. Doc. Clutch. Trout. Badboy. Movies ("Yo, Movies!" - remember that?!). Tiger Beat. Frank Fucker. Chillary Clinton. Big O. Sniper. Travis-Nick. Crud. Duggar. Beer. Just Salad. Royce. Peet. Kenny Vegas. Tom-Boy, The Boy Named Tom. Hot Mike. Rosemary. Chowder. Clubfoot. High Five. Heineken Luke. Leon the Peon. Cliffy B. The Diceman. The Crow. The Homesman. Otter. The Mask. The Tower. The Hanged Man. The Hierophant. Marijuana Troy. Stretcher. Rosamund Pike. Albrecht. Times New Rowdy. Gun Individual. Porgy. Loose Ted Marbles. Turtle, I think. Kickball. Tashkent. Whitewater. Electric Carl. Elijah Proudfoot. Eddie Criticism. Rich Richie Poverty. Cowboy. Penis. Ivan. Problems ("Yo, Problems!" - do you remember it??). Anorexio. Bulimio. Handicap. Chandler. Vinny. Drama. Vinny. Drama. And, Vinny (not to mention: Jim Drama).