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5 news stories from 2022 that you might have missed.

5 news stories from 2022 that you might have missed.


Ah, 2022...what a year...?

If you have no idea what happened in the world while you were doom-scrolling and complaining about your roommate, coworker, or neighbors...there's still time to catch up. Yes, it might seem like the news is an endless torture-cycle of the planet melting, Kanye saying something horrible again, and the Kardashian sisters being West World-style robots of botox and viral skincare routines, but sometimes the news is hilarious. So, if you've been focusing too much on the dread here are some little bits of weird news that might intrigue you.

1. 'Gaslighting' is Merriam-Webster's word of the year.

While it might seem like nobody has any idea what 'gaslighting' means when they accuse all of their exes of it on TikTok, the beauty of words is that their definitions can shift with the culture. Remember when nobody knew the literal definition of 'literally?'

Merriam-Webster defines “gaslighting” as “the act or practice of grossly misleading someone, especially for one’s own advantage.' Gaslighting, of course, is a nasty and manipulative tactic which can be used by politicians, bosses, or your landlord. While Merriam-Webster provides a thorough description of the word, your friend at brunch might describe it as 'the waiter told me their was French Toast and now they're out of it...the menu is gaslighting me!'

2. Here are the 10 most expensive cities to live in right now...

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), the big apple and Singapore are the most expensive cities in the whole world to live in (the first time NYC ever made the top). Did your city make the list? If so, are you wondering why you spend every dollar you make to rent a busted apartment with a view of a brick wall and trash to be in the 'best city in the world?' Should we all move...?

1. New York and Singapore (tie)
3. Tel Aviv, Israel
4. Hong Kong and Los Angeles (tie)
6. Zurich, Switzerland
7. Geneva, Switzerland
8. San Francisco, California
9. Paris, France
10. Copenhagen, Denmark

3. Cara Delevingne donated an orgasm to science...

Some celebs might donate their money to charity and call it a day, but Delevingne is taking philanthropy to a new level.

In her six part BBC and Hulu series, 'Planet Sex with Cara Delvevingne,' she explores the gender gap at play in experiencing orgasms. Delevigne was blood-tested pre and post-orgasm by researchers at a hospital in Germany for the show to help determine if it's more difficult for women to achieve climax or if their partners struggle to try. Maybe she can also help out with the 'moaning gap.' Get on it, Cara!

4. Someone bought a pair of Birkenstocks that Steve Jobs used to wear in the garage where he started Apple...

How much did the lucky winner pay for them? Yup, you guessed it. A very reasonable and totally normal $200,000+. Who doesn't have 200 grand lying around to buy a tech tycoon's dirty old shoes?

While Birkenstocks are become more popular because of TikTok trends, the auction site said the sandals were 'well used, but still appear intact.' Assuming the buyer won't be wearing them, though...look out for any of your rich friends with a display case for sandals in their living rooms.

5. This drama between 'Good Morning America' co-anchors cheating on their spouses with each other and barely hiding it...

Co-anchors Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes have reportedly been caught on a romantic getaway without their partners and committed, eagle-eyed fans and internet sleuths were on the case. Affairs happen often in Hollywood, but 'Good Morning America' isn't exactly the most romantic setting, is it? the 3 AM call time, the crowds of sleepy tourists waving outside of the window...love is in the air! If you're going to have a secret romance as a public figure, you could at least attempt to hide it.


Shots fired. šŸ˜‚

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