As an "endowed" woman, I'd like to talk about boobs for a second.


Ask any woman carrying around anything bigger than a C-cup what the worst part of summer is – by far, she'll tell you it's boob sweat.

Like it's cousin, armpit sweat, it smells and leaves embarrassing stains on your shirts – though perhaps it's even worse because at least armpit stains don't make you look like you're lactating.

Anyway, the worst summer-boob sweat issue is when you come out of the shower, steamed and clean, and instantly your beads of moisture begin to form all over and under "the girls."


Well, someone created a solution to this problem. It's called the Ta Ta Towel aka the Boob Hammock.

"The world has gone mad for a towel bra," reports the BBC. "It's Basically A Hammock For Your Boobs," explains Bustle. This Jezebel writer is in LOVE with it. That's right, everyone is ta-ta-talking (sorry) about the "Ta-Ta Towel," a real product with a real website. And, now, so are we.

The Ta Ta Towel is exactly what it sounds like – a towel for your boobs.


Okay, so, on first glance, it may seem silly to you – but if you really think this through, this product is amazing for women everywhere. Not only do you not have to worry about walking around your apartment (aka in front of your open windows) topless, but it saves you the trouble of constantly having to fix your towel so it doesn't fall.

It also gives you free hands if you're getting ready to go out right after you shower, but, you don't want to get a shirt wet/sweaty. And, if you're doing your makeup before you go out, simply use the Ta Ta Towel so you don't get your face sweat on your shirt.


So far the reviews seem solid.

"My Ta-Ta Towel has been nothing less than a godsend. I always hated blow drying my hair because of how sweaty I got in the process- so sweaty that I often had to take ANOTHER shower afterwards. The Ta-Ta Towel has made blow drying SO MUCH easier and more comfortable for me. I really can't believe this didn't exist before. Sometimes I even wear my Ta-Ta Towel around the house when I need a break from bras, sports bras and camisoles. My boyfriend thinks it's adorable too - and he's an even tougher critic than I am! I give it four stars"



The Ta-Ta Towel is such an amazing idea. As soon as I get home, I take off my bra and put on my Ta-Ta Towel. The comfort of my boobs being held up without a tight strap around my back is incredible. It's also great to wear it after I get out of the shower and rush around to get ready. No more under-boob sweat!

Annnnnd –

Truly impressed with the Ta-Ta Towel! I was amazed at how comfortable it was - feels like you're naked without being naked! The Ta-Ta Towel was a crucial go to for me while I was pregnant and breast feeding! My 'girls' are fans!


And women on Twitter seem pleased.


What do you think? "I'm ordering one for sure," or "Why the f**k is this a problem?"

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