Cyndi Lauper had the time of her life listening to Stewie and Peter Griffin sing her songs.

Ultimate endorsement from the Pop Queen. (via YouTube)

As a world renowned recording artist, it's probably hard to listen to people attempt to sing your songs. Unless those people are actually cartoons, then it's not only bearable, it's totally enjoyable. On The Graham Norton Show, Seth McFarlane sang Lauper's timeless classics in character, serenading us with 'Time After Time' as Stewie, and 'True Colors' as the infamous Peter Griffin.

Judging by her glorious reaction, Lauper approved of both cover songs. Here's the full video:

Now that I've heard the Griffin family's renditions of these over-karaoked tracks, I'll never be able to hear them in a karaoke bar again. Or I could stop going to karaoke bars, but I think we all know that's never going to happen.

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