"You don't f**k with the Yellow King, muchacho!"

It's been a few months now since we all experienced HBO's groundbreaking neo-noir series True Detective together, so it only stands to reason that its details aren't particularly fresh in our minds. But, man! This amazing bootleg DVD cover just brings all the best moments rushing right back, doesn't it?

Like, remember that big scene in which Rust and Marty chase Reggie Ledoux through the twining backwoods of the Las Vegas strip? That was almost as mind-blowing as when Matthew McConaughey re-created the classic Brad Pitt walks with shotgun scene from Killing Them Softly. So meta! And the explosions! So many explosions! It's hard to believe any show could have so much "full frontal action"!

Sources: redditor shake-and-bake | h/t Uproxx