Hopefully, Chris Carter will use this opportunity to make up for the pile of poop that was the second 'X-Files' film.

"So we're really doing this, Scully?" "Shut up, Mulder, I'm on the phone." (via Getty Images)

You guys, 13-year-old me is doing cartwheels right now, and 31-year-old me would be doing cartwheels if she could remember how to do a cartwheel properly without falling on her ass: The X-Files is returning to Fox for a six-episode miniseries. Shooting will begin this summer. My fangirl excitement begins now.

The X-Files was a key part of my development as a human and a weirdo, and I really hope that Carter and crew don't screw this up. Just don't do that crisis of faith thing from I Want to Believe again, Carter. Bring back the inbred family from "Home!" Bring back the aggression-causing worms from "Ice!" Hell, Carter, you can have Scully running a circus sideshow with Tooms, the Flukeman, and the tail guy from "Small Potatoes" for all I care, as long as this miniseries goes back to some of the scary, weird stuff that made the show great.

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